Borrow differently: Guaranteed deposit of your car

In the current economic situation, it may be difficult to meet the strict criteria required by banks or creditors on a loan. If you do not have a credit history or a bad history, your chances of getting a loan are minimal. As a result, making a guaranteed deposit of your car could be a great idea in an emergency, when you need a quick buck and your history does not allow it. The main advantages of a car loan are explained below:

How does the car loan work?

car loan

First, we evaluate the value of your car. Then, based on this value, the loan amount is determined. In such a case, the title of possession of your automobile passes to the creditor. He will hold this title until the money lent is repaid.

Car loans are mainly for emergency situations. This means that the sum lent is often small and therefore the duration of your payment will be short as well. Once the payment is over, the title on the car comes back to you.

Guaranteed automobile deposits and their usefulness

Guaranteed automobile deposits and their usefulness

We all need a little financial help at some point in our lives. Instead of continuing to get into debt, we encourage you to take the necessary action as soon as possible. Therefore, a car loan could be exactly what you need. It can be used for:

  • Rent payment
  • Monthly bills
  • Public services: water, electricity, heating.
  • Medical bills
  • Tuition fees
  • Renovations or repairs to your home
  • Legal fees
  • Emergency situations

Application and easy acceptance

Car loans are the perfect solution for those who need money quickly and in the short term. Indeed, the application for this kind of loan and just as easy as the process of acceptance.

Basically, you must be a car owner (that means you must have finished all your payments on this car). Only automobile owners will be able to benefit from such a loan. Then you just have to fill out the application form either in person or online and you should receive acceptance within a few days of your request.

Fast and effective

Car loans are a very quick solution to getting a small amount of money in the short term. As soon as you meet the loan criteria, that is to say, own a car, you are eligible. The loan you are offered as soon as there is acceptance, which means that you could use this money immediately.

No pre-payment penalties

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Unlike other types of loans, if you decide to repay your loan before the deadline, you will not pay a penalty. You can pay your loan in full at any time before the deadline. In addition, the interest will be calculated only on the period of possession of the loan, that is to say the period during which you benefited from the money. Interest will not be calculated over the entire term of the loan. In short, if you repay your loan in five days, you will only pay interest for those five days.

If you have an urgent financial need and the bank and other creditors have refused you, you should seriously consider car loans with Prêt Québec . These loans are easily accessible and just as easily repayable. It is the ideal solution to remedy any financial emergency in the short term.